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Website: http://www.swanalliance.org.uk/

The Swan Teaching School Alliance is in its fourth year of provision and Sidney Stringer Academy took over leadership in September 2014. We are passionate about providing the very best support to schools through:

•high quality CPD opportunities for school staff
•tailored school to school support via our bank of outstanding NLEs, LLEs and SLEs
•comprehensive and supportive School Direct placements
•active talent management spotting and leadership development

We also strongly believe that to really move practice on and ensure the best outcomes for our students that we must lead effective Research and Development opportunities. As the lead school for the alliance, Sidney Stringer Academy has appointed an Assistant Principal who is responsible for the R&D at school but also for implementing practices across the alliance.

The Alliance is currently made up of twelve schools, primary, secondary and special, all in Coventry. In addition, our alliance is made up of Coventry Local Authority, Newman University, the Royal National Institute of the Blind Pears Centre, Teaching Leaders and Achievement for All 3As, all of whom are strategic partners to the alliance. Sidney Stringer Academy was a key strategic partner in the alliance and took over leadership in September 2014.

The Swan Alliance has provided a centre of excellence in the provision of CPD for primary maths and science, and has worked in collaboration with our strategic partners to ensure that there is excellent support in terms of leadership development and school to school support. Our SLEs have expertise covering a wide range of experience, from school business management to support for the core subjects in the primary and secondary phase.